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Personal Research — Spring 2022
RISD Map as a tool among RISD App is often overlooked by students. After my research, I found that more and more students refuse to use the map function in the app due to the complexity of RISD Map and turn their attention to Google Map. So I decided to design a new main interface of RISD and simplify the functions in Map.

RISD Main Page

In the main page, I simplified the previous complex layout. And focus the main information on the home page, users can DIY their own main page according to their needs, in order to seek the most convenient use.

In the RISD Map, I divided the page into four main sections: MyRISD, building, parking, and RISD ride. 85% of students searched for building as their main purpose, followed by 50% who tried to find a parking space, and directly connected to the RISD ride page. Each of these options can help students quickly find the features they need. But one of the most important elements of the whole map is that students can search for the corresponding building by different majors, either single or multiple choice, this way students save the time consumption caused by searching for the building name.