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Personal Research — Spring 2021
Poster Design ︎︎︎ Typographic / Motion
When former U.S. President Donald Trump referred to the strain of COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus” in front of the media, did he consider the implications of this pronouncement?

From March 19 to December 31, 2021, the Stop AAPI Hate Organization received 2,808 reports of violence against Asian communities from 47 states. Stop AAPI Hate was established in California in 2020 to track violence against Asian Americans, and the incidence of such violence has increased significantly during the pandemic. These incidents ranged from robberies and assaults to spitting and verbal abuse. Of the 2,808 reported cases, more than 90% of the victims’ race was the main cause of the attack. As an Asian who has lived in the United States for seven years, this is also the first time I became terrified of going out of the house or appearing in public places. The speeches of politicians and media reports are like a pair of scissors in this special period, tearing apart the integrity of this society.

I took this opportunity to use posters to convey the emotions of being an Asian design student, not only for the public but also for myself, reminding me of the social responsibility that a designer has. I deployed the Internet as my starting point but focused on Western social media. In its inception, the Internet was designed to bring people together worldwide. However, when Covid-19 struck, absurd gossip and news went viral, and the Internet became a channel for distortion. I collected a lot of information about “Chinese Viruses” from the Internet, printed them out, and cut them at random with scissors. Then I put them together in a collage as an effort of reunification.